I Wrote Some Stuff

I’ve heard a few of my writer friends say December is a slow month. Not for me! I finally got access to post for Forbes mid-way through the month, so I feverishly banged out five blogs around Christmastime. I already shared my article about how to avoid being scammed like Heather Dubrow. A week after I posted that, I realized that Heather herself shared it via Instagram!


Thus, my very first post for Forbes did very well on page views. I fear I’ll never top those numbers again! Hopefully, Heather will put in a good word for me when I audition for Real Housewives of Scottsdale, right?

I also wrote about:

Things to Consider If You’re Thinking About Investing In Rental Property

How To Save Money On A Gym Membership

Whether a UTMA Account is a Good Alternative to the 529 Plan For College Savings

I have to admit, it’s pretty surreal seeing my writing on Forbes and even more amazing to see it being shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

If you enjoy my Forbes articles, please follow me on Forbes!

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