Tax Breaks for Caring for an Elderly Family Member

At my high school reunion last fall, we did a “getting to know you” activity. Our emcee would ask people to stand up if they’d ever done things like travel outside of the U.S., jumped from an airplane or had a child.


Image credit: Unsplash/Ismael Nieto

One of the questions he asked was a little more somber. He asked whether anyone was currently a caregiver for a parent. A few people stood up. He then asked how long they’d been caring for a parent. One of my classmates, around 38 years old, had been caring for a parent for a decade or more.


It blows my mind, but I’m getting to be the age where people my age have to consider that. My parents and Brian’s parents are in good health now, but will we be able to say the same ten years from now? Will we be caring for one or more parents at the same time as we’re sending Cohen off to high school?

Today, you can find me on Forbes digging into the tax breaks for caring for an elderly family member.

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