Why I’m a Fan of Acorns’ New Found Money Feature

Once in a while clients ask me who’s the saver and who’s the spender in my marriage, assuming that since I’m a CPA and Brian is an artist, I must be the saver. So not true. I am definitely the spender, although Brian’s nickname for me is The Sultry Saver because I clip coupons and always manage to get a killer deal. Brian would never spend money if not for me. . . and he’d probably be a millionaire by now, but I digress.

iPhone 6 - BlackAnyway, my point is, I love finding new ways to save, so when Kard asked me to write about Acorns’ new Found Money feature, I was all over it.

Today you can find me here sharing the deets on Found Money and why it’s my new favorite way to shop.

Image Credit: Acorns Media Kit


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