Buying a Beach House

I don’t miss much about living in Phoenix – 117 degree summers just aren’t for me – but I do miss being a quick car trip away from San Diego. We rented the same cottage in Ocean Beach every time we went. As we strolled a couple blocks to the beach or ate the best burgers and onion rings at Hodad’s, I would fantasize about buying a tiny little house in Ocean Beach and writing with the sight, smells and sounds of the ocean just outside my window.

Photo by danny howe on Unsplash

Somehow I wound up moving to the only triple landlocked state in the U.S. instead. Funny how life works.

Writing Buying a Beach House: Things to Consider for Lending Tree got me fantasizing once again about Ocean Beach. But I also realized I’m probably better off sticking to a rental.

Give it a read and tell me: Is buying a beach house on your bucket list?


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