How to Get Your Finances in Order Before Year End

There are only a couple of weeks left in 2019. For many people, those weeks are already jam-packed with holidays, get-togethers, shopping, and travel. But hopefully you can carve out a little time to focus on getting your finances in order too.

Why? Well, maybe you’ve set financial goals in the new year, such as buying a home, starting an emergency fund, or paying off credit card debt. Making a few smart money moves now will help you hit the ground running on those goals in 2020.

Even if you’re not the New Year’s resolution type, doing a year-end review of your financial situation and getting your finances in order can reduce stress and set you up for a more secure future.

Of course, everybody’s finances are unique. A small business owner may have very different financial needs from someone with a full-time job. That’s why we’ve customized this based on your job type. Find your job type below to see some strategies for getting your finances in order. Then read through the rest because some of these tips apply no matter your job status or budget!

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