What you need to know about Trump’s reversal of the FHA mortgage insurance rate cut

My recent post for Magnify Money on Trump’s reversal of the FHA mortgage insurance rate cut was picked up by several NBC affiliates. That’s a first for me!pexels-photo-160158.jpegFor this piece, I spoke to David Reiss, a law professor at the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship at Brooklyn Law School, as well as Heather McRae, a loan officer at Chicago Financial Services.

It’s hard to understand why Trump reversed the rate cut, other than reversing on principal a move Obama made during his final days in office. This tidbit was cut out of the final piece, but an independent actuarial report cited in the Financial Status of the FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund FY 2016 report, dated November 15, 2016, noted that the fund’s capital ratio increased from 2.07% to 2.32% between FY 2015 and FY 2016.

As David Reiss informed me, the fund is required to maintain a 2% capital ratio. It exceeded that level in 2015 and increased in 2016, even after the Obama administration reduced mortgage insurance premiums by 0.50 percent in January of 2016, a move said to save homeowners an average of $900 per year.

Head over to 12News.com to check out the full story.  Do you agree with Trump’s move?

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Does Disability Insurance Cover Pregnancy?

I recently started writing for brightpeak Financial and one of my first topics for them is one I wish I’d been aware of before I got pregnant in 2011.aood3vqkefq-freestocks-orgFor this piece, I got to interview a couple friends who used short-term disability benefits to help replace part of their income while they took unpaid maternity leave after the birth of their children.

As I mention in the piece, half of two-parent households in the U.S. have both parents working full-time, yet the U.S. is the only developed nation that does not mandate ANY paid leave for new parents.

I was fortunate. I’d been with my employer for more than five years so I was able to use six weeks of accumulated PTO for maternity leave and take another two weeks unpaid. But when people haven’t been with their employer very long or don’t have as generous vacation benefits, short-term disability can help bridge the gap.

Head over to the brightpeak Financial blog and check out my post, Does Disability Insurance Cover Pregnancy.

Have you used disability benefits during pregnancy? What are your thoughts?

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How to Handle Your Finances After Divorce

When I started my freelance writing career, I almost never did interviews for the pieces I wrote. I just researched the topic and went from there. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more interviews and, despite my tendency toward introversion, I am really coming to enjoy them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When Magnify Money asked me to write a guide on handling your financial life after divorce, I got the chance to interview two Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFAs), Dan Burges from Ameriprise in Southlake, TX and Avani Ramnani from Francis Financial in New York, NY.

They had some great advice, not just for the immediate aftermath, but information you can use long after the ink on your divorce decree is dry.

You can check out the guide here.

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