A Top Employee Left, Now What?

While most of my writing projects revolve around taxes, accounting and personal finance, occasionally I get a chance to write about careers. It’s a topic I really enjoy. Despite the fact that I’ve never worked in human resources in any official capacity, I’ve always been sort of the “go-to person” for friends and family members looking for advice on resumes, career development and interviewing.leader

Funny story . . .

Years ago, a friend (for simplicity’s sake we’ll call him Mike) wanted to switch career paths. Mike had been working in management in the hospitality industry but really wanted to go after an open position as the Executive Director of a local non-profit. Despite having no experience working in the non-profit world, Mike was a hard worker, a natural leader and excellent at managing projects, people and budgets. All skills that would translate well to this new position.

The night before Mike was to submit his resume, I was on an audit in Minden, Nevada. Mike asked if he could email me his resume to proofread. Whoa. It was a trainwreck. Full of typos and he’d listed just about every task he’d ever performed at every job he’d ever held. If I remember correctly, that thing was four pages long! Nobody looking at that resume would be able to decipher how his experience would translate to the new position.

Hey, some people just aren’t good resume writers.

I stayed up half the night completely re-writing the resume for him, consolidating experience, taking out what wasn’t necessary, and polishing the important parts so the board couldn’t help but see that he had what it takes.

Mike got the job, and eight years later, he is still there!

Of course, I can’t take full credit. He aced the interview and had the skills to excel there, but I can’t help but feel like my resume gave him the chance to show that.

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