Where to Hunt for Pokemon in Phoenix


Last Sunday morning, my husband told me about this new game he thought would be fun to play with Cohen: Pokemon Go. Sounded silly to me. Besides, we’d already gone geocaching a few times. What’s the difference?

By the next day, my Facebook feed was full of Pokemon Go and I received an assignment from Parachute by Mapquest to write this article covering safe places to hunt for Pokemon in Phoenix. Needless to say, I’m hooked.

Before you caution me about getting assaulted while Pokemon hunting, rest assured that we’re not venturing into secluded woods or strolling around shady areas in pursuit of Pokemon. We mostly walk around the neighborhood and parks near our house, which we would be doing anyway. We just do it more now.

Beats sitting on the couch playing Candy Crush all evening, right?

Image: Flickr / Sadie Hernandez


Top 5 Things to Do for Memorial Day in Phoenix

I’ve taken several three-day weekends this month, as I use up my remaining vacation days prior to my employer’s fiscal year end. They tend to turn into work days anyway between grocery shopping, housework, and writing, but I’m not complaining. The more I accomplish on Friday, the more I can relax and have fun on Saturday and Sunday!

I’m really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. Lots of people head out of town since the summer is heating up, but there are still tons of things to do.


Today you can find me on Parachute by Mapquest sharing my top five picks for Memorial Day in Phoenix.

Photo: Unsplash/Ryan Wong

Top 5 Most Bizarre Houses in Phoenix

Did you know Phoenix is home to not one but three castles? It’s true.

From homes built by legendary architects to castles built by eccentrics, Phoenix has a few strange residences, most of which are available for tours.


Today you can find me sharing the Top 5 Most Bizarre Houses in Phoenix for Parachute by Mapquest.

Have you toured any on the list?

Image: Michael Martin via Flickr